bureksasutlijom's Sam & Max Episode 303: They Stole Max's Brain (PC) review

Not for the Brainless

Usually when a game ends on a great cliffhanger, the sequel falls flat of expectations.Telltale managed once in this season already to make me hyped up for the next installment with the cliffhanger in Episode 1:The Penal Zone, but the one in Episode 2: The Tomb of Sammun-Mak made for one interesting concept.The promise of Sam acting out of character and Max, well out of body kept me waiting for this months (June) release.But was it worth it? Lets have a look. 


Picking right after Sam went for a quick trip to the lavatory, our canine detective finds Max's body without a brain, and thanks to some Flint Paper interrogation techniques, finds out that General Skunk' ape is behind it.The story from then get's crazy,a s you come to expect from a Sam & Max game.I won't go into details, but let's just say that a boy Pharaoh, a giant cockroach, Cthulu and gambling rats makes for one great package.  


By now, if you've played this season of Sam & Max, you know that there is one new mechanic plus the previous (inexplicable) psychic powers that Max possesses. New this time around are the interrogation techniques, but sadly they are only present in the first third of the game.A weird choice is also the fragmenting of the story in three clearly parts, both in atmosphere and gameplay. Some may like it that way, but a more fluent transition in the future should be implemented. 


Some might not like the segmented plot and styles in this episode, and the somewhat recycled villains, but the character interaction and clever puzzles (save for one in the third part) overshadow those minor flaws.If you're into this season, you don't want miss this episode, and the cliffhanger is just as crazy as ever.
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