bureksasutlijom's Sam & Max Episode 304: Beyond the Alley of the Dolls (PC) review

Beyond Average

The penultimate installment in this season of Sam & Max is a wacky adventure from start to finish, and makes for great cliffhanger for the last episode in this season. 


We left our heroes in the clutches of  Sam clones/or zombies(?)  as they escaped the clutches of a reality made up by Pharaoh Sammunmak.Now,with the future of the world rest in the hands of a canine detective and rabbit-like psychic thing (oh boy!).Prepare for all kinds weird, with Old Gods, Lovecraft, Dolls, Cockroach Chefs and a whole bag of crazy.The lenght is same as before, about 2-4 hours, depending how fast you can solve the puzzles.


It seems that the new gameplay options have dried up, but that's not the problem.The guys at Telltale have listen to the critics of the last two episodes and finally have mixed the various styles of gameplay, such as intorrigation, psychic powers, and good old fashioned point and click fun.The graphics are same as the previous episodes of this series, so improvement or deterioration there. 


It's pretty easy.If you played the episodes before them, you will want to play this one as well.If not, it's worth playing this stellar series from beginning to end.The 5th is just around the corner, and I can hardly wait.

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