bagronken's Sam & Max Hit the Road (PC) review

Help me, Sam & Max, you're my only hope

Dynamic duo 

Sam & Max are not your typical cops, they are for rent and besides being animals they are truly mental and hardcore, not holding anything back. The dialogue is never over the top, only borderline and spot on, hits just right and is always genuinely funny. The duos banter will make you laugh out loud while investigating the mystery crime.

Silly story 

The plot doesn't hold much back either, blending yetis, country singers and carnies in many different location, all voiced and animated brilliantly. Some puzzles might have you scouring for the correct, hard-to-find trigger, sometimes getting the same dialogue repeated to you over and over again, but these instances are rare in this otherwise very thought-through and superb adventure.

Pros & Cons 

+ Rude humour makes the game stand out among others
+ Good story with varied locations and puzzles
- Searching for some solutions get tedious

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