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Sam & Max Plunge Through Space was announced in September 2001. The game’s story was based on a story of the same name that Steve Purcell had written years earlier. In it, Sam and Max have to recover the Statue of Liberty from another galaxy after it is stolen. Eventually, they get involved in a conflict involving an evil king and a planet inhabited by Max look-alikes. The developer, Infinite Machine, was incorporating action, exploration, and adventure elements into the gameplay. The game was canceled the following year after Infinite Machine went bankrupt. After this, LucasArts reacquired the rights to the Sam & Max franchise and started developing Sam & Max: Freelance Police.
On November 11th, 2010, Purcell posted concept art for The Desoto on the Official Sam & Max Blog. He also revealed that a PC version of the game was planned before it became an Xbox exclusive. He went on to write that every key on the keyboard would have had a function while controlling the Desoto.

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