Heads up: Today only - 75% discount on the Sam and Max discount

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Just "discovered" steam with its whole summer camp shenanigans after my friends have been pestering me about it for ages and thought this sale was worth mentioning for those who like me dont really like the idea of episodic releases and rather get the entire product in one purchase.
Well today only all the telltale sam and max games are 75% off.  Thats both seasons and the devil's playhouse (5 episodes per season)
Edit: i really should stop changing what im typing mid sentence, In my defence my eyes are still fuzzy from the optirician, getting a laser treatment next weak /yay no more glasses for me, huzzah!

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Played through S1, was a blast tough the puzzles were easy the comedy really manages to tickle your silly bone. 
On edownside, the constant background chirping sound hurts my ears and is a big distraction, i already read up on the official forums that its caused by (extremely) poor compression in the dialogue files  
I cant understand why they dont realease superior audio files seperately im stuck playing with the audio nearly off because of how extreme it is in my setup.

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