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Encounters with Sam Odessa

First Encounter

Marston first encounters Sam sitting against a bolder playing his harmonica in Gaptooth Breach. Sam eagerly welcomes Marston, telling him how he has spent "several weeks" venturing across the dying west in hopes of reaching California. Sam hopes to "make something of himself" when he reaches California. Marston told Sam of Gaptooth's dangers and suggested that Sam take stagecoach to finish his travels safely.

Second Encounter

Sam did take Marston up on his advice but soon found the stagecoach "slow and mundane" for his tastes. Marston found a drunken and delirious Sam in the cliffs of Gaptooth Breach. Marston told Sam that he should acquire a horse, but Sam preferred walking. Sam eventually stumbled off muttering to himself. The next time Marston finds Sam it seems he hasn't made any progress on his journey to California.  

Third Encounter

Marston finds Sam in the valley of Gaptooth now almost completely insane. Marston insists that Sam came into town with him but Sam didn't like the idea and decided to pull his gun out, threatening  Marston before running away. 

Final Encounter

In Marston's final encounter with Sam, he finds him dead,  with buzzards eating his corpse. Marston picks through Sam's clothing and discovers a note that Marston eventually delivered at the shipping post in Armadillo.

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