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Don't mess with the Sandman

Samorost 2 is a Flash based point and click adventure for PC/ Steam. Game has won multiple awards and was included in the Humble Indie Bundle earlier this year (2010). Game is also sequel to Samorost 1 which can be played free: here. Samorost games are developed by Czeck developer Amanita Design, also known for Machinarium. Samorost 2 has currently a kind price tag of $5.

Wikipedia finely states that Samorost is a art game .After playing this you can not disagree with that statement. Game has very distinguished look. Even organic in places, if that is possible for a video game. At first glance the puzzles and environment seem so bizarre that one doesn't know what is going. Won't take long though before everything, well most things, start to make sense.

Story follows a sandman look-a-like who lives in asteroid with his dog. One day a duo of aliens land in his back yard and look to steal his space apples. The dog wont have none of that and tries to fend the thieves away. Which doesn't go too well for Mr. Samorost , assuming that is his name. Both the dog and his apples get taken. Samorost gets a glance of this from his tower and fires up his rocket to follow the thieves. Like with first Samorost this fellow has no fear

 Presentation is beautifully done by using artistic backgrounds and music. The aforementioned organic look comes from the various trees and plants inhabiting the planets/asteroids. Number of mechanical objects are blended with the visual in places giving the game a strange USSR timed space traveling theme. Interactive objects are well blended with the visuals. Occasionally so well that is hard to see where to click to enable something. Sound is minimalistic ambient sounds with occasional hollow themes.

Samorost 2 is rather short game. It can be finished in couple of hours. Ending and some of the puzzle solutions are adorable and will put a smile on your face. Can not say this happening too often now a days. I would recommend checking out the first Samorost since its free. If you liked that then get this as well, you won't regret.
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