misterhaan's Samorost 2 (PC) review

Feels like a really good free browser game

Samorost 2 is a quirky and interesting relaxed-paced puzzle game written in flash.  I’m not sure there's enough there to justify the $5 price tag, especially when you can play the first half free online.  I got it as part of the first Humble Indie Bundle, added on at no additional cost after the fact.  When it got added to Steam I played through it in an hour or two.   While I enjoyed it there’s not much to it, so it’s worth checking out if you can get it really cheap.
The graphics are interesting and I appreciated the general attitude of the game.  Its drawbacks are that it’s short there’s not much of a story.  Everything is controlled by clicking, so much of it can be figured out by just randomly clicking on stuff.  It feels like a free browser game but isn’t free, though it’s at least a really good browser game.

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