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The Birth of Evil

Millennia ago, Odin, Ra and Vishnu defeated a primordial evil. Part of it got sent to Earth and killed the dinosaurs. Until Feudal Japan, it spreaded into a pool of tar. The Samurai Lord attempted to defeat it by using a poison arrow on fire. When it touched the tar, it rose from the Pit of Hate and became known as Aku. The Emperor was guided by Odin's horse in which the three gods as monks forged a sword out of the Emperor's spirit to kill Aku. After defeating Aku, the Samurai Lord banished Aku in the form of a tree. At the same time, his son was born. In response, the Emperor decided to make a plan if Aku returns.

Aku's Return

Less than a decade later, Aku was freed by an eclipse. The Emperor sent his son to train in different places on Earth until he became 25. When he returned to Japan, the prince realized that Aku and his demons enslaved his people. The prince got his father's sword back and almost killed Aku at the pit of Hate. Before he could finish Aku, Aku sent the prince to the future.

The Future

In the future, Aku hired a group of scientists to build an army of robots: The X-Models. All but one of them got destroyed which is X9, an X-Model with an emotion chip. In response, the scientists created the Beetle Drones. With the Beetle Drones, Aku transformed Earth into a free planet by bringing aliens from different planets. When the prince fell onto Earth, he was talked by three aliens who were using alien slang like "Jack" as in dude, bro and homie. The prince came to group of evolved dogs who told him that he arrived in the future and he is from 25 B.A. (25 years before Aku took over Earth). The prince became known as Samurai Jack who vowed to go to a time portal to defeat Aku.

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