Samurai Shodown XBLA

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It's looking very clean on 360, but also featuring what seems to be stylistic borders, make of that what you will, I personally think they have been made in a Japanese Tatami style and are cool enough. I will have to get it despite having recently bought both Wii versions, because online play is too good to miss out on quite frankly :D




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SNK annouced the game for XBLA about a year ago, and will SNK ever bring it to PSN if not am afraid I can't play this game.
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You could get the Samurai Shodown Anthology released on PSP if you have one, later this year. That's due on Wii also.

I have already bought the first two games in the series on Virtual Console even though I am getting the collection later on both Wii and PSP lol. On PSP it will be the best it has ever been on handheld (gotz thumb pad). If they rectify some sound issues they had on the evidence of the SNK collection they released on PSP not long ago, it will be fine. Being a dedicated game I am confident they will clean up the sound and create something close to arcade perfect.

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Yeah but I want online play, and the XBLA version will be the only version with online play.
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I'll be getting the Wii Anthology just like I got the Metal Slug Anthology.
All I'll need is one of those fancy NeoGeo controllers they made. :)

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Aw no way they made one for the Wii.
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Slick, yo! I want to hit up some shmups with that NeoGeo stick.

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