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Suzu, the game's main protagonist, wielding an impossibly large sword.
Samurai Shodown SEN (known in Japan as Samurai Spirits Sen, translated to Samurai Spirits Flash) is a 3d fighting game developed by SNK Playmore and published by SNK Playmore (on December 10, 2009 in Japan), XSEED (on March 30, 2010 in North America), and Rising Star (on April 16, 2010 in Europe) for the Xbox 360. Originally released for Japanese arcades in April 17, 2008, Samurai Shodown SEN is the third 3D fighting game installment in the Samurai Shodown franchise and the first installment to focus more on worldwide events (in the early 1790s) than demons in Japan.
The game includes 13 characters from previous Samurai Shodown games and 13 new characters. Some of these new characters are new concepts to the series, including a Viking brute, a Native American warrior, a Spanish bullfighter, an afro samurai, and an American outlaw wielding a lever-action rifle. The main story involves Suzu, a young princess of the European kingdom of Lesphia who was orphaned after a shipwreck and raised by a Japanese daimyo, and Golba, a veteran of the American Revolutionary War (with a mysterious past) who is in the process of building a powerful army for world domination.


This is a four button fighting game with horizontal slash, vertical slash, kick, and special action. Stronger versions of the slash can be performed by pressing both horizontal and vertical slash (horizontal strong slash), or vertical slash and kick (vertical strong slash). The special action button can be used to throw opponents, deflect, or perform an unblockable slash attack (with a combination of the buttons). Rage explosion returns, but it acts as rage activation.  Fatal flash is back, however its range is shorten a bit and the player has to have minimal life to use this.

New systems introduced here include Special Step and Fastest Input. Special Step is a simple input command that acts as a preset for special moves. When different attacks are used with this input command, this results in different special moves with some of the characters having different abilities to cancel the Special Step. Fastest Input alters versions of Special Step moves by the timing of the button presses. The longer the delay, the weaker the special move. Timing the button press without delay results in the best properties of the move. 
Some characters that had helpers (ie: Nakoruru) summon their pets from an off-screen location and appear during win-poses or attacks. Multi-hit moves are now more interactive here in the fact that the player has to keep hitting the button to continue the attack. 

The ability to dismember and impale opponents, from the older Samurai Shodown games, return here. These options are only in the international versions of the game.


The modes included are:
  • Story: Which has you pick one of the available characters and go through an arcade type mode with a story and cut scenes happening throughout to fill you in on what is going on.
  • Versus: The player can play one on one matches either against a computer player or a human controlled player. The player can also alter the play setting such as time, rounds played and as well as how much damage can be associated with each attack. This mode is like your standard versus mode found in many previous fighting games. 
  • Practice: Practice mode will allow you to pick from any of the characters available and put you into a match against a computer player to practice different moves and techniques to improve upon your playing ability. You can alter the setting to allow the computer player to retaliate or sit there and take all of your hits, as well as many other setting that can be tweaked. Also in practice mode, once a player takes damage, it will then be restored making it so the match technically never ends, and can go on forever. This allows the player to have access at practicing for how ever long they need to. This feature is also adopted from previous fighting games.  
  • Survival: In survival mode you can choose from many different types of survival challenges. The player will choose a character of their choice and will then have to face off against many consecutive opponents in a row to test their skill at how many opponents they can take out in a row. The player can choose their difficulty to fit their skill level. There are also a few more challenge types available as well.  
  • Xbox Live: This is online feature for the game, where can face off against anyone through the Xbox Live service. A player can make a match with settings to fit their own standards, and tweak the rules in any way they want. This is pretty much like versus mode, but over online play against anyone in the world. You can either choose to create a room of your own, with your own settings and rules, or choose to find a room. There is also a quick match setting that throws the player right into a room at random. You can also choose if you want to play a ranked match, or just a match without any ranking being involved.
There is also a replay addition to the game, where the player can replay a match they've just played in versus or on Xbox Live. They have the ability to save the video file to their Xbox 360 hard drive.


Characters new to SEN: 
Characters from Previous Games: 

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