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Samurai Warriors 4 is currently planned for release in Japan by Tecmo Koei on March 20, 2014. The 2014 release was planned to mark the tenth anniversary of the franchise, which began with the release of the original Samurai Warriors in 2004. It is due out on both PlayStation 3 and Vita.


Samurai Warriors 4 will offer over fifty playable characters. The game will feature a character-switching mechanic similar to Samurai Warriors: Chronicles on the 3DS; the player can alternate control between two characters on the battlefield. There is also a new mode that uses a player-created character.

The game's story mode is not divided by character, as it was in previous Samurai Warriors titles, but by a collection of storylines that involve collections of characters. Known stories include the tale of Yukimura Sanada and his family, Nobunaga Oda's conquests, and a third on the Hojo clan involving Ujiyasu Hojo and Kai.

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