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San Esperito is a fictional island that forms the setting of the original Just Cause. The island is run by a ruthless dictator known as Salvador Mendoza. San Esperito is built up of different provinces, and the terrain is generally quite tropical. However, there is a huge mountain located on the island as well, which forms a basis for one of the collection missions. There are 33 different provinces across San Esperito, and the capital is San Esperito City.
The island allows the operation of several different factions: the Rioja Cartel, the Montanos, the governmental forces, and the Liberation Army. The Riojas and the Montanos are two rival drug cartels that both grow cocaine on the island of San Esperito. Much of the island appears to be in poverty, and there are many beggars in the towns who will ask Rico for some change. Not only this, much of the housing and buildings in San Esperito are run-down looking and appear to be of low quality. However, in the area of  Esperito City, buildings are radically different: poor townhouses turn into glitzy skyscrapers, and the poverty appears to be eradicated. Apart from some of the civilians in the city, anyway.

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