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Sanctus Seru is the city established by the Inquisition Combine after they chased the Loyalist Combine to the moon of Luclin. The Combine Empire had a rich history on Norrath, but there were those within the Empire that did not agree with many things that their emperor, Tsaph Katta, had done. For one, he allowed dark elves to become members of the Combine. One night, Katta had invited ambassadors of every race to a large banquet. It was here that a human named Seru attempted to assassinate Katta via poison. When Katta fell during dinner, the banquet was evacuated and a handful of druids rushed to put him under a spell of stasis to keep him alive long enough to devise a cure. The wood elves secured Katta in a safe place while Katta's wife, Lcea, tried to maintain what was left of the Empire. News of Katta's "death" spread like wildfire throughout Norrath, and the Combine Empire fell apart.

For unknown reasons, the goddess of shadows, Luclin, came to Lcea and allowed her to see through The Veil that kept Norrath's second moon invisible to the planet's people. Lcea knew that Seru's Inquisition would be coming for them, so she decided that the moon of Luclin would be their refuge. Through the knowledge of a powerful geomancer named Grieg Veneficus, the Combine Loyalists were able to escape to Luclin, never to be seen again. It was not long until Seru learned of what had been done. His desire to slaughter those who, in his eyes, had ruined the Combine Empire led him to find a way to Luclin as well. WIthin a year, Seru's mages had discovered the means of teleportation to Luclin. This was the last that Norrath would ever see or hear from the once great Combine Empire.

One of many merchant buildings.

Seru and his Inquisition followers were just as surprised as the Loyalists were when they arrived at the core of Luclin to find that they had no means of returning. Seru ordered many of his mages to remain in what would become known as The Nexus along with the Loyalists mages who were already there to work on finding a way back. This would be the only joint venture between the two factions. Seru and his people emerged on the light side of the moon and began building their city between the desert and mountains. Sanctus Seru, named after their leader of course, is a police state with a strict code of ethics and rules. Even the architecture of the city appears perfect with its straight lines, symmetry, and organization. They do not tolerate the presence of any races or religions of the dark persuasion, yet not many would consider Seru's people as good-natured.

Sanctus Seru's Arena

Seru himself resides in a fortress in the center of the city known as Arx Seru, but he has not been seen in many years. Seru, knowing that he would not likely live to see the end of the Loyalists, had a magical chamber built that slows time itself for its occupants. It is said that months outside are equivalent to just seconds inside. No one is allowed to enter Arx Seru. The city is run by the Praesertum Inquisitors, each of equal rank, who meet in council and are divided into four groups including military, civil, commerce, and a fourth that keeps watch over the other three. Every adult citizen of the city must submit to what is known as The Questions every two years. This consists of what is essentially torture that can last hours or even days that allows the Praesertum to keep order and maintain power. The heightened sense of suspicion and paranoia within the city leads to many thefts, spies, and assassination attempts. Although being within the walls of Sanctus Seru can be an uneasy experience, many adventurers stop here to buy, sell, and trade wares with the various vendors. The residential district lies near the back of the city, along with a massive arena more spectacular than any seen on Norrath.

Neighboring Zones


  • Citizens of Seru
  • Eye of Seru
  • Hand Legionnaries
  • Hand of Seru
  • Heart of Seru
  • Seru
  • Shoulders of Seru

Commerce & Tradeskills

Shop NameGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
Outer EastBank, Food & Water, Alcohol, General SuppliesAlchemy, Jewelcraft, Pottery, Smithing, TailoringBrew Barrel, Kiln, Pottery Wheel
Outer NorthFood & Water, General Supplies, AlcoholBaking, Brewing, SmithingBrew Barrel, Oven
Outer WestBank, General Supplies, Caster SuppliesAlchemy, Fletching, SmithingForge

Guild Halls

Guild HallClassesGuildmaster
Northeast Hall
  • Redeemer Balakaz
  • Scelestus Venator Taol
  • Quaestorius Martolin
  • Erus Ereptor Yuka
  • Percontorius Salnus
  • Oraculum Yalkin
Northwest Hall
  • Rogues
  • Warriors
  • Pecuniosus Kezzlek
  • Caravan Master Goshul
Southeast Hall
  • Scriptor Ducis Yusi
  • Veratas Gastir
  • Adipiscorus Glipo
  • Custos Valar
  • Legatarius Banael
Southwest Hall
  • Clerics
  • Monks
  • Paladins
  • Rangers
  • Rogues
  • Wizards
  • Pius Truthtaker
  • ?
  • Decurion Ralla
  • Cohortis Emon
  • Naillo
  • Cornicularius Wassein


Notable NPCs

  • Lord Inquisitor Seru

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