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Sandra Lieberman is character that appears in Naomi Kimishima's story arc in Trauma Team. She's a thirty-year-old woman with no prior criminal record that inexplicably embarks on a terrorist bombing spree under the alias of the "Raging Bomber." She constructs the bombs in her home and hand-delivers them to her victims while disguised as a delivery woman. When Naomi Kimishima is called in by the FBI to assist in the investigation following the third death and the news is leaked to the press, Sandra becomes obsessed with Naomi and begins toying with her.

When Naomi figures out Sandra's true identity, Sandra leaves one last trap for the doctor while she flees to the airport in order to assassinate the First Lady. However, Naomi escapes the trap and sends the FBI after her. Cornered, Sandra threatens to blow herself up in the airport when she is overcome by an attack caused by a mysterious illness. As she succumbs to the attack, she drops the detonator and the bombs she's wearing explode, killing her.

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