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#1 Posted by BraveToaster (12636 posts) -

Anybody got any good sandwich ideas? Anybody can slap meat and cheese to bread but do any of you make big tasty sandwiches? What do you use?

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#2 Posted by evildeadron (900 posts) -

get some thick crusty bread, add turkey, chedder cheese slices, tomato lettuce, carmelized onions, bacon and very thin slices of apple 
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#3 Posted by DanielJW (4932 posts) -

Turkey, mustard, pepper, hot sauce. I am but a simple man.

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#4 Posted by Castro (942 posts) -
@evildeadron: Jesus christ. That sounds awesome.
I'm a reuben fan myself. I don't have any personal concoctions as far as sandwiches go, but I've always wanted to try a gravy dog. It's like a chili dog, but with gravy instead of chili. Yes, I came up with the idea myself. I love me some gravy. And weiners.
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#5 Posted by Ineedaname (4276 posts) -

What I used to do, alot. After a roast dinner on a Sunday, is take the meat, some mash, maybe some mint sauce (Regardless of the meat) or some other condiment and add that to bread, it seems odd, because it's mash, but my God it's good.

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#6 Posted by evildeadron (900 posts) -
not so wierd actually, when i was a kid for sunday dinner we would have boneless breaded fried chicken breasts, mash and veggies and i would take leftover chicken, mash and some peas and put it on a kaier roll
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#7 Posted by Jadeskye (4392 posts) -

i could live off roast turkey sandwiches happily. i look forward to the sandwiches more then the bird when it's in the oven. >_>

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#8 Posted by evildeadron (900 posts) -

oh and here is my sweet and sour  brautwurst recipe 
get a big pot, add sauerkraut, onion, brautwurst and for the cooking liquid add apple cider 
simmer a pot of that for awhile and serve it on the rolls of your choice, perfect for watching football on sundays
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#9 Edited by Mike (17250 posts) -
@jadeskye said:

" i could live off roast turkey sandwiches happily. i look forward to the sandwiches more then the bird when it's in the oven. >_> "

Yes! I actually roast whole turkeys on weekends when I have time just to have turkey meat for sandwiches to take to work for lunch, since I usually don't have time to go out for anything. Good bread, fresh roasted turkey from home, it doesn't get much better than that. Unless you're talking about roast beef with fresh horseradish, then it's ON!
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#10 Posted by Jadeskye (4392 posts) -
@MB: oh man, you are talking. 
I just had a revelation though. Steak sandwiches are the best thing ever.
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#11 Posted by Mike (17250 posts) -
@jadeskye: Not a fan of the steak sandwich...too chewy and the bread ends up getting smashed. Unless you're talking an open-faced steak sandwich, and then it's not really a sandwich anymore.
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#12 Posted by BraveToaster (12636 posts) -

i like to use roasted turkey, pepperjack cheese, cheddar, lettuce, and mustard.... i wish i was a little more creative when it comes to SAMMICHES

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#13 Posted by Linkyshinks (11400 posts) -

Toasted Ciabatta, Tuscan Prosciutto, Sicilian vine roasted cherry tomatoes, roasted red onion, topped with Gorgonzola cheese and green Sicilian olives - under a hot grill for 2 minutes before serving. 

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#14 Edited by BraveToaster (12636 posts) -
@Linkyshinks:  That sounds fucking amazing....
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#15 Posted by Fripplebubby (1056 posts) -
@Linkyshinks: Tomatoes my ass. Other than, excellent sandwich design.
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#16 Posted by TheHT (14261 posts) -

Take a pair of plump, soft, delectible white bread slices. Gently spread smooth warm butter of peanuts on one slice and on the other expand to every edge jiggly and sweet blushing red jam of strawberry. Take these two mind-numbingly beautifuly slices and press them firmly together, with the butter melding into the jam, becoming one, new, and glorious substance. 
Now take a bite.
Mmmmmmffff, oh yes, YES, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

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#17 Posted by masternater27 (939 posts) -

My classic is on toasted sourdough bread.  Add turkey, bacon, olives, shredded lettuce, thin slices of tomato, guacamole, and a little salt and peppa.  Will have to try@evildeadron for a nice sounding variation.

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#18 Posted by PenguinDust (12987 posts) -

You need to have good cheese.  If you have bland, flavorless cheese you might as well toss a few sheets of wax paper on the sandwich instead.  Quality cheese makes everything better.

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#19 Posted by UnsolvedParadox (1998 posts) -

Thick bread, quality cheese (I like mozzarella or provolone), tomatoes, a bit of salt/pepper and tons of whatever the main ingredient is. Right now I'd love to have a roast beef or pastrami, and depending on what the main ingredient is, suitable condiments such as mustard, horseradish, mayonnaise and so on. 
Oh man, I'd love to have a quality sandwich right about now...

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#20 Posted by Tiz (65 posts) -

This sandwich is surprisingly good. No meat, no cheese, how can it ever work? Well somehow it does. I did however make the kale chips myself and in the process added some chipotle powder to them.

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