Top 3 Sandwiches

#1 Posted by Faroon (93 posts) -

Ryan likes:   BLT, Club and something called a French Dip. 
 I'd go for: Meatball Marinara, Cheese and Pickle, and BLT.  But Peanut Butter and Jam is a close 3rd. 
What's your top 3?  

#2 Posted by CandleJakk (769 posts) -

1 - BLT (it fucking rocks).
2 - Roast Beef with Gravy & Mustard/Horseradish
3 - Student Sandwich (Whatever is left in the fridge that's a day past expiration date. We don't want to waste money, do we?)

#3 Posted by Osaladin (2640 posts) -

1. A very well done Turkey. 
2. Chicken tender. 
3. Philly Cheese Steak.

#4 Posted by OldGuy (1610 posts) -
#5 Posted by drakoleth (18 posts) -

1. BLT everytime

2. Pork, stuffing, applesauce and gravy (yes gravy. nice thick stuff you need a trowl to move)

3. whatever will stay still long enough on the grill

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