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Sarah is a headstrong young elf and friend and classmate to Bowie, the main character of Shining Force II. She is the one who's curiosity drives her to encourage the class to disobey Sir Astral's instructions and fool the guards to follow him into Granseal castle.

Character Strengths and Weaknesses

Sarah is the only healer available to the Shining Force until more than 20 battles into the game. This makes Sarah extremely valuable and an important asset to be protected in each battle. She is only able to equip rods until promotion and her low defense and hit points make her a fragile team member. She learns the Blast spell early which gives her limited offensive potential. She is also the only member of the force able to learn the powerful Slow spell which drastically hampers an enemy's defensive capabilities.

On promotion, Sarah can follow one of two paths. Her natural promotion sees her evolve into a vicar, a pure healing class. This promotion will allow Sarah to continue in her path as the main healer for the Shining Force. She will continue to equip only staves and her stat progression will remain roughly inline with her pre-promotion class of priest. If Sarah is promoted with the Vigor Ball, she will change to the class of Master Monk. This will allow Sarah to equip the powerful glove weapons and greatly increase her ability to attack. This promotion will create a strong combination healer and fighter for the Shining Force.


Pre-Promotion: Priest (PRST)


  • Vicar (VICR)
  • Master Monk (MMNK) with the Vigor Ball


  • Heal
  • Detox
  • Blast
  • Slow

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