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Named after the Christian lord of evil, Satan represents the sin of wrath. Out of the Seven Stakes of Purgatory, Satan often acts as the enforcer that keeps the other sisters in line. She's quick to anger and will often scold her sisters for their actions, but is just as often guilty of the same things she scolds the others for. Because of her temper, and the fact that her sisters tend to avoid her at times because of it, she'll sometimes try to provoke conflicts just so she can have others to be angry with.

In the series she starts out as advanced-level Furniture (a kind of servant) in service of the Golden Witch. As such she can act on her own, but is unable to refuse the commands of whoever is her master at the time. She's capable of turning from her human form into a demonic stake that can pierce through bodies with ease. Being a demon of wrath, she's unsurprisingly sadistic and takes great delight in harming and killing her victims.

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