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Kira Kira

Chapter 2: Road to Ruin?

Shikanosuke and Kirari first met Satoh when they were visiting Osaka city in the evening. A girl and a man were making a scene in the streets. Satoh and his henchmen showed up and scared the man away. Kirari invited them to their upcoming performance. Satoh was impressed by her bravery and was interested in rock music.

During the performance, he was reduced to tears and fell in love with Kirari's singing. He treated the band to dinner at a restaurant. Satoh, who was nicknamed 'Satocchi' by Kirari, explained that her singing reminded him of his younger brother. Satoh's brother used to play the guitar for a rock band. He passed away due to an accident and Satoh preserved his guitar ever since.

Satoh then gave Kirari his brother's guitar. He reasoned that he would be respecting his brother by giving it to Kirari.

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