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Tons of great games were made for the Saturn that sadly never left Japanease shores. I'm gonna list some titles that  I would seriously reccomend importing. I don't know every Saturn game ever made off by heart & I may miss some out so by all means jump in with your own sugestions.
First I'll get the obvious ones out of the way like Radiant Silvergun & Princess Crown, they're the titles that most people will mention when talking about Saturn imports. Both are great games that really push the systems abilities & I wholeheartedly recommend you check them out! Also lots of Capcom games come to mind like: Street Fighter Zero 3, Vampire Savior, X-men Vs Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter & Cyberbots. Though if you do decide to get hold of any of those games make sure you get/have a 4MB Ram cartridge or they will not work.
Got to mention the large collection of other (non-capcom) Fighting games such as Gouketsuji Ichizoku 3: Groove on Fight (Power Instinct 3), Asuka 120% Burning Fest, Astra Superstars & Real Bout Garō Densetsu Special to name a few.
Also Deep Fear is an interesting title that I would reccomend any North American gamers to get hold of as it was released in both NTSC-J & PAL territories only which is odd because usually in the "2 out of 3" scenario it's the PAL region that gets shafted.

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It is just better to pretend the Saturn never existed.

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@wh4tshisface said:
" It is just better to pretend the Saturn never existed. "
Be safe kids, don't feed the Trolls :)
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" @wh4tshisface said:

" It is just better to pretend the Saturn never existed. "
Be safe kids, don't feed the Trolls :) "
I am not  trolling. Speaking your mind is not trolling. I am only contributing to the conversation. Your job would be to tell me why I should care about the Saturn and it's "awesome" Japan-only games. Gosh!
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The Saturn version of the original Dead or Alive is also pretty good & very different from the PS1 game, also it's one of the cheaper import games out there.


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