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Saurous is a giant reptile who serves as one of the bosses in the game Monster Attack' Global Defence Force' and Earth defense force 2017. He appears in four different forms across four of the game's seventy one levels. While it would be accurate to compare him to Godzilla, Saurous's look is more a combination of Ultraman monster ' Gomora' and Korean monster 'Yonggary'.

While Saurous appears in four forms, the difference is mainly his height. They're named...

  • Saurous (40 meters)
  • Mecha Saurous (40 meters)
  • Baby Saurous (10 meters)
  • Mega Saurous (200 meters)

Mecha Saurous is the only form which has different attacks, the other three share three basic attacks (Rush Attack, Breath Attack, Sweeping Breath Attack). Where as Mecha Saurous has not only these attacks, but fires grenades from his chest, and homing missiles from his back. Images of all these attacks are listed below.

Level Appearances

The player battles this behemoth's various forms during two-levels in Monster Attack, four-levels in Global Defence and three-levels in Earth Defence Force.

Level 13: Saurous!

Mission Briefing: Emergency! Emergency! The infamous Saurous, responsible for reducing countless cities to ruins during the previous Invader War, has appeared again. Get to the scene and take on this terrifying monster before he starts another rampage of terror.


  • Saurous
Rush Attack
Breath Attack
Sweeping Breath Attack

Level 63: The Cyborg!

Mission Briefing: The fearsome cyborg Saurous that razed Shanghai during the previous Invader War has appeared again. Towering over 40 meters tall it is a fearsome sight. Prepare youself both physically and mentally before tackling this ordeal.


  • Mecha Sa
Mecha Rush Attack
Mecha Breath Attack
Mecha Sweeping Breath Attack
Mission Clear
Missiles fired from back
Mission clear

Level 66: Super Size

Mission Briefing: Enemy attacks are increasing in ferocity across the globe. Humanity has little military strength remaining, and at this point our defeat appears inevitable. In response to our continued resistance the Invaders have deployed a collection of super sized alien life forms against our country. Each of these 40 meter behemoths would make a fearsome apponent alone, so you'll need to plan your attack wisely to defeat them all. Choose your weapons well!


  • Saurous (identical to level 13)
  • Giant Ants & Spiders

Level 67: Overlord

...what did you do, Ray?

Mission Briefing: We had hoped that the last battle would put an end to alien life forms, but our radar tells a different story. Our Readings suggest a pair of Saurous but they seem no larger than 10 meters. Still, they need to be dealt with. Take care of it, and don't let your guard down.


  • Baby Saurous
  • Mega Saurous
Baby Rush AttackBaby Breath AttackBoth Babies Defeated
Baby Rush Attack
Baby Breath Attack
Both Babies Defeated
Mega Rush AttackMega Breath AttackMega Sweeping Breath Attack

Mega Saurous

Let's rock.

By far the largest creature in the game, Mega Saurous appears after you defeat the smaller Baby Saurous pair. His attacks arn't unique, but very powerful. His Breath Attack does the most damage can reach you from anywhere on the map.

Ironically the safest place to be when fighting Mega Saurous is at his feet. From this position his Rush Attack may hit you, but there's a chance he could miss if you roll out of the way fast enough. His Sweeping Breath Attack with fire right over your head!

Look out below!

If you keep slighty to his left or right, you'll take less damage from his straight Breath Attack, so you sort of circle straft around him. You won't get far though as he's so huge, but so long as you keep to the side of him you'll be safer from attack.

You'll also want to use weapons which deal a lot of damage in one shot. The Sniper Rifles in Global Defence Force are fantastic for this. Rockets and Missiles deliver a lot of damage, but can take time to hit the target. There is also a danger of splash damage when you're very close.

The bigger they are...

There are vehicles in the level, so if you want you can use the tank until it inevitabley explodes. You are more vunerable however as the movement is slow.

It also helps if you have at least 1200 HP, as the Breath Attack can take off around 400 HP if you're hit by its full blast.

...the hard they fall!

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