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Development History

Save The Whales was going to be the first of three games for the Atari 2600 to be released by 20th Century Fox for environmental causes, with profits from the titles going to organizations to help save the environment. Profits from Save The Whales would have been donated to Green Peace. Save The Whales was finished but was not released by Fox. It was eventually released in 2002 at the Classic Gaming Expo by CGE Services Corporation. 


The goal of Save The Whales is to protect a pod of whales from a ship that will fire nets and harpoons down at the whales. Sometimes radioactive waste would float through the level and the player would have to get rid of it by shooting it.  The player must shoot the projectiles and waste without letting them hit their submarine because the player will lose a life.  The game also included difficulty switches which would change the speed of the projectiles and whether the projectiles were larger, slower, easier to shoot nets or smaller, faster harpoons. The game also had a two player mode that would allow another player to control the whaling ship.  

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