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Sawako in her wild days.

Sawako is a teacher at Sakura High School, and adviser to the Light Music Club. She is known throughout the school as a gentle and caring person.

Sawako is also a former student who attend Sakura High and was a part of the Light Music Club. Where she formed a Death Metal band called 'Death Devil' along with her friends Norimi Kawaguhi, Jane, and Della (there last names were never revealed). Death Devil were well known for its wild costumes that are reminiscent of early 80s metal bands such as Kiss, and Twisted Sister. After finishing school Sawako has tried to cover up her wild days in Death Devil, and has tried to reinvent her image as a gentle and caring person.

Sawako was originally the adviser of the Wind Instrument Club but was blackmail by the members of Hougako Tea Time after they discovered pictures of her old wild days in the Light Music Club.

Although she is well know as a gentle and caring person behind the closed doors and in the safety of the Light Music Club Sawako is a completely different character. She seems to have kept a lot of her wild mannerisms that she had will in school, aswell as being lazy. Sawako is often seen dressing up the members of Hougako Tea Time in different cosplay outfits, such as French maid outfits, much to the embarrassment of some of the members Hougako Tea Time. Sawako seems to enjoy designing and creating different costumes and outfits, she even design all the costumes for the schools performance of 'Romeo & Juliet'.

Sawako Yamanaka is voiced by Asami Sanada in the original Japanese dub, and Karen Strassman in the English dub.

K-ON! After School Live!

Sawako appears in K-ON! After School Live! as unplayable character. She can appear at the main menu, the club-room, at random to interact with the other members of K-ON! to unlock special events.

As a reference to Sawako's cosplay obsession she appears in the 'Change Clothes' option, were she'll comment on your outfit selection.

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