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The Devil Arcana

Sayoko Uehara is a nurse at the Inaba Municipal Hospital in Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4. She works the hospital's night shift, and the player can start a Social Link with her by taking the night-time janitor job from the bulletin board outside of Aiya's when he has increased his Diligence stat the rank of "Persistent." She is the game's representation of the Devil Arcana. In the English language version, she is voiced by Wendee Lee, who also voices Chihiro Fushimi. She is not voiced in the Japanese version of the game.

Social Link

Beelzebub can be fused in the Velvet Room after maxing out Sayoko's Social Link.

Sayako first notices Yu Narukami while she is talking to a doctor. She then jokingly flirts with Yu in a seductive manner which starts the Devil Social Link. In the early stages of the Social Link, Sayoko continues to flirt with Yu, and it is implied through the tone of her dialogue that she and Yu may be engaging in more physical acts that are left unseen.

Throughout the course of the Social Link, Sayoko talks about her past employment in a previous hospital. She reveals she had an affair with a doctor while there, which led to her transfer to the hospital in Inaba. Even after she transferred, the problems continued to follow her as the doctor she had been involved with continued flirting with the other nurses behind his wife's back. When the doctor's wife found out, she traveled to Inaba to meet Sayoko at the hospital and scolded her during her work.

With her reputation having followed her to Inaba, Sayoko slowly lost her motivation to truly take care of her patients. Near the middle of the Social Link, however, Sayoko receives word that one of her most cared for patients at the previous hospital had passed away. In response, she changes her attitude entirely, becoming hard-working and and bossy toward the other nurses, as though to overcompensate for her nights of slacking off. However, this change in her attitude leads her to overwork herself to the point of collapse. As she regains her strength, she realizes the error of her ways and decides to leave the hospital and start anew with this new knowledge to guide her way. At the end of the game, its revealed that she leaves to join a volunteer medical association in Africa.

At the completion of Sayoko's Social Link, she presents Yu with her hospital ID. The strength of their bond also grants him the ability to fuse the Persona Beelzebub of the Devil Arcana.

Persona 4: The Animation

Sayoko as she appears in the anime, off duty.

Sayoko appears in the anime adaptation Persona 4: The Animation during the two-part episode A Stormy Summer Vacation. As in the game, she represents the Devil Arcana, and flirts with Yu on several occasions. Her voice in the anime is provided by Natsuko Kuwatani. More details regarding her appearance in the anime can be found on her character page at Anime Vice.

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