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Sazh exudes a paternal compassion and love, that in many ways, defines his character.

Sazh's journey starts at the Euride Gorge energy plant, a common tourist attraction for its scenery and field trip location for school children looking forward to learning about the role Fal'Cie in society. Unfortunately, the day they visited, his son Dajh was chosen by the plant's Fal'Cie, Kujata, to find the Pulse l'Cie who infiltrated the facility. The government proceeded to suppress information of the incident, and Sazh now had to deal with the inevitable fate of losing his son. Being deemed a Sanctum l'Cie, Dajh and Sazh visit the seaside village of Bodhum for the annual fireworks display to forget about what's to come. Dajh inadvertently discovers a hidden Pulse Fal'Cie in the village, and thus the Sanctum begins to Purge the village. After the incident, the Sanctum seizes his son for further testing in an attempt to discover his Focus, leaving Sazh, accompanied by the chocobo chick he gifted to his son, to save him from the oppressive grasp of his government.

Sazh's character model is based on American singer-songwriter Lionel Richie.

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