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In an attempt to re-introduce the series after a long hiatus, Snowboard Kids is the third official game in the series that attempts to introduce additional depth to the game mechanics by providing a greater emphasis on tricks. The game also makes use of the Nintendo DS' microphone and touch screen for gameplay functionality.


Snowboard Kids continues series tradition of being an item based snowboard racer for up to four players. This new iteration features the following differences compared to previous entries.

Trick System

The trick system has been changed to accommodate for the buttons on the Nintendo DS system as well as it's touch screen. While in the air, the D-Pad adjusts the character's tilt while holding A, B, X or Y will perform a grab. Leaping off of a ramp performs a super jump. The touch screen will then feature hot spots that must be pressed in order to execute a signature trick. This will either fill the SBK meter, or give a temporary speed boost if the meter is full. (The speed boost will also drain if the signature trick is successful.)

SBK Meter

The SBK meter replaces the coins that grants each character a shot. There are three shot types, however each character has a unique attack type. The SBK meter can be charged up to three levels for your character's shot. However, the meter can be used for a speed boost if the meter has been filled completely and a signature track has been performed. However this also drains the meter, which removes any chance of performing a shot.

Items and Shots

Unlike previous entries, there are no coins to collect. Shots are given three power levels depending on the SBK meter. Items are still distributed through item boxes placed in each course. However items do not have a cost requirement.

Game Modes

Single Player

World Tour Challenge


Boss Battle

VS Mode

There are both Multi-Card and Single-Card play. Single-Card mode only allows each player as Slash on one course only.


Trick Match

Free Fride




Returning Characters

Slash Kamei

  • Type: Trick
  • Weapon: Lightning Bolt

Jam Kuehnemund

  • Type: Trick
  • Weapon: Shockwave

Tommy Parsy

  • Type: Attacker
  • Weapon: Stinger Rocket

New Characters

  • Brad Maltinie
  • Nancy Neil
  • Koyuki Tanaka

Unlockable Characters

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