Studio Liverpool to close

#1 Posted by GS_Dan (1430 posts) -

Sony have announced that Studio Liverpool is being closed. As Wipeout HD was one of my favourite games of this generation, this is a major bummer. What do you guys think will happen to the Wipeout series now?

#2 Posted by two_socks (249 posts) -

Huge fucking bummer dude. I hope most of them get to stick together and just get moved to a different studio, but damn. That's real shitty. I was hoping to see another WipEout on PS3.

#3 Posted by ianmac (50 posts) -

gutted that's bizarre creations, sony gone from liverpool.

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#5 Posted by two_socks (249 posts) -

@GS_Dan: Wow, that's really shitty. PS4 WipEout probably would have been pretty fucking rad.

#6 Posted by Levius (1296 posts) -

Come on Nintendo, snap em up and make another F-Zero.

#7 Posted by NostalgicShakedown (156 posts) -

This is depressing. Not only did they make the Wipeout games but even back in their days (when they were used to be called Psygnosis), they made the Destruction Derby franchise and even Lemmings! I really do hope the developers form a new studio of somesort, it'd be a waste to see that amount of talent disappear. As for the Wipeout franchise, I think it's hard to choose which developer could pull off the quality of a Wipeout game.

#8 Posted by Phatmac (5917 posts) -

Fuck man, Wipeout was the shit back then! This fucking sucks. :(((((

#9 Posted by PolygonSlayer (441 posts) -

Huge bummer news :( Psygnosis made so many of my young days fav games :/

#10 Posted by iAmJohn (6144 posts) -

Fuck this world.

#11 Posted by Lava (725 posts) -

This sucks! I love Wipeout! I was looking forward to more awesome Wipeout games! That opening video to Wipeout 2048 made me hopeful for ones that were more than just hover cars. Damn!

#12 Posted by Lab392 (353 posts) -

Bummer Morning, Pt. 2

#13 Posted by Seppli (11233 posts) -

Gosh darn it. They're Psygnosis man! PSYGNOSIS!

There dies my last hope for a modern Rollcage of my dreams...

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#15 Posted by BlackLagoon (1725 posts) -

Looks like the majority of the developers are being offered positions at other Sony studios though, so really it seems it's more Sony deciding that WipEout isn't having the kind of impact it used to and that their talent and the studio budget is better used on other projects.

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