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The Benefactor Schafter is a luxury sedan encountered during Grand Theft Auto IV, and looks to be based upon the Mercedes S-Class. As a luxury car, the Schafter can be most readily found in the Algonquin district. Schafter cars are quite subdued cosmetically, despite their inherent luxury.

Grand Theft Auto IV

During Grand Theft Auto IV, the Benefactor Schafter can be first seen during the opening cutscene, with Niko Bellic aboard the Platypus boat. Members of the Triad gang can be seen loading heroin into the trunk of a black Schafter. The car is then offloaded at the docks, but is not referenced again later in the game. Schafter cars in the game can be found around more 'upmarket' areas of Liberty City, and can also be found near Jimmy Pegorino's residence in Alderney. The Benefactor Schafter also has another benefit with seducing women. Carmen Ortiz likes the car, as it is upmarket.

The Schafter is a heavy vehicle, and this is reflected by lower than average acceleration. With lower acceleration comes a satisfying, if not incredibly high, top speed. However, the Schafter really shines in cornering, where its firm suspension allows it to hold to the ground well, even at relatively high speeds. Note however, that when cornering at speed, oversteer can be detected.  The Schafter is an incredibly well built car, and can withstand collisions at high speed, and even gunfire. Durability and handling are the two main pros of the Schafter: all the hallmarks of a car made for transporting a VIP.
When exploring the Hove Beach area of Broker, it is possible to find a visually modified Schafter. This car is intended to compare to AMG tuned Mercedes Benz cars. These models are used by the Russian Mafia, and are blac k or silver, with black rims. If stolen however, the car color can be changed. Billboards can be seen around Liberty City, advertising the automobile. 

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony

 Standard redesigned Schafter
The redesigned Benefactor Schafter in The Ballad of Gay Tony remains a heavy vehicle, but performance is improved. The newer body style seems to be based upon the Mercedes Benz CLS or W221 S-Class. Both versions of the car can be seen roaming the streets during The Ballad of Gay Tony, but the redesigned model is more readily available. Much like in the core game, the easiest location to encounter the Schafter is in upmarket Liberty City.
Performance is massively improved in the redesigned car, with an increased top speed and acceleration. Despite the 'straight line' advances, the car is actually heavier than the original. This does not present a problem in itself though, as the body is shorter. Handling and braking are also therefore improved, meaning the redesigned model is a superior vehicle in every way. 
 Modified, redesigned Schafter
Like the 'AMG' version of the original Schafter, the redesigned model in The Ballad of Gay Tony also includes a unique variant. The modified Schafter is lowered, and has a different color scheme, alongside minor tweaks, such as the exhaust tips. Like all other modified cars in Grand Theft Auto IV however, the performance is not enhanced.

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