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The Sega Genesis version of the game was a point and click adventure game based around the hit TV show about a bunch of kids and their talking dog who drive around in a stoner van and solve mysteries. It features two episodes where Scooby and Shaggy are on their own to solve the mysteries solo. You control Shaggy while Scooby accompanies you everywhere that you go. Scooby will sometimes give you hints by pointing at objects you may need, or places of interest. You search through each locations to find items and clues that will help you solve each mystery. The game was surprisingly fun and captured the charm of the show rather well.

The Super Nintendo version of the game was a platformer game based around searching through different locales for clues to solve the mystery. You controlled Scooby and Shaggy, who would search different rooms for various items, and could sniff out hidden ones. Shaggy could speak to members of the gang to do accomplish different goals.

  • Daphne would give scooby snacks to decrease Shaggy and Scooby's fright meter.
  • Fred would give the blueprints to consturct the traps to catch the villian.
  • Velma would determine if item were clues, and award the player 200 points for every clue item.


Each episode involves the gang driving to a reportedly haunted locale and trying to figure out what, or who, is behind all the ruckus. In both cases Shaggy and Scooby end up being the only ones left to solve the mystery. Whether Shaggy tokes or not is not important here, he needs a clear mind in order to solve both mysteries and save the day.

Episodes (Genesis Version)

  • Blake's Hotel - A hotel that is run by Daphne's uncle Blake, who invites the group over for a weekend stay. Upon arrival they learn that an ancient chieftain is scaring away all of the customers.
  • Ha Ha Carnival - A practically abandoned Carnival. Eventually Fred, Daphne, and Velma go missing and a phantom clown seems to be behind it all.

Episodes (SNES Version)

  • Spooky Shipwreck - an abandoned ship named the Red Cyanis is being haunted by the One-Eyed Matt.
  • Ha Ha Carnival - the amusement park is being haunted by an evil clown.
  • Abandoned Ranch/Swamp - A tar monster is running amok on a ranch scaring away any visitor.
  • Blake's Hotel - a house owned by Daphnie's uncle is haunted by Count Bagosi.

Cheats (SNES Version)

  • Level 2 - (Deserted Circus) -TDBKSRQ
    • Level 3 - (Abandoned Ranch/Swamp) - XLWPMTC
    • Level 4 - (Haunted House) - NBKSDLV
    • Credits - SPNNR

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