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The invention of huamanoid machine troopers and armored troopers (VOTOMs, or Vertical One-Man Tanks for Offense and Maneuvers) causes a huge jump forward in military technology during the Hundred Years War fought between the Balarant Union and Gilgamesh Confederation. In Astragius Year 7198, the ATM-09-ST, nicknamed Scopedog, is the decisive invention of the war. It featured a compact design which allowed it to battle in not only space, but on battlefields and in urban settings. It also features "gliding foils" on its feet which enable it to maneuver on the ground much more easily. The Scopedog's ability for human movement is largely thanks to muscle cylinders which power its limbs. A camera based turret that links directly to the pilot and a hydraulic arm punch are just some of the weapons on board.

There are also upgrades of optional equipment that the Scopedog can be fitted with.

  • Roundmover Pack - Provides mobility in space.
  • Parachute Mission Pack - Allows the Scopedog to be airdropped.
  • Heavy Machine Gun, Grenade Launcher, Gatling Guns, and Rocket Launchers are available.

The cease fire of 7213 caused many Scopedogs to fall into the hands of civilians for use in the game "Battling". It remains as the most popular unit in the Melkian forces.

Dimensions: Height: 3.804 meters, Width: 1.936 meters, Depth: 1.763 meters.

Weight: 6.387 metric tons.

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