Anyone unfamiliar with the canon buying this game?

#1 Posted by Bluethunder35 (364 posts) -

I saw Jeff and Brad playing it and I liked what I saw. River City Ransom is a favorite of mine and playing a clone of it interests me. However, I have never heard of Scott Pilgrim and his comic book series. Is there anyone who has bought or is planning to buy the game despite knowing nothing about the Scott Pilgrim canon? 
At least it's only $10. That makes it a little easier to gamble on.

#2 Posted by Diamond (8678 posts) -

Yea, I bought it knowing virtually nothing about the story.  Last night I read the comics.

#3 Posted by readymix (186 posts) -

i've never even played RCR but i'll probably check it out.  
i love the 8/16 bit look and need something to get me away from sc2.
but i feel obligated to actually see the film before playing the game.

#4 Posted by BunkerBuster (1054 posts) -

I assumed the point was to save the princess at the end of the game from some sort of giant lizard creature. 
All I know is that if I punch dudes I get Trophies and then punch harder using money to beat the game.

#5 Posted by King9999 (663 posts) -

I've heard of Scott Pilgrim, but I've never read it.  I'm getting the game because it's basically the RCR sequel that we never got.

#6 Posted by Andorski (5469 posts) -

Me.  I plan on reading the Scott Pilgrim comic series eventually, but I'll probably end up playing the game first.  I don't have any nostalgia for RCR, but I can use a good beat'm up game.

#7 Posted by Make_Me_Mad (3218 posts) -

I know only a little about the Scott Pilgrim story, or in other words, only what I got from TV Tropes.  As far as I've read Scott and Ramona are both terribly unlikeable characters (To me!), but the game looks pretty awesome.

#8 Posted by Blackout62 (1520 posts) -
@Make_Me_Mad said:
" I know only a little about the Scott Pilgrim story, or in other words, only what I got from TV Tropes.  As far as I've read Scott and Ramona are both terribly unlikeable characters (To me!), but the game looks pretty awesome. "
Oh popularly unlikable but it's the charming secondary characters you stay for.
#9 Posted by Chaser324 (7189 posts) -

If you're familiar with the graphic novels, you'll definitely get a lot more out of this game than someone who is entirely unfamiliar with them. However, this game is still a solid 2-D beat 'em up that I think can be enjoyed without the frame of reference provided by reading the graphic novel series.

#10 Posted by TheLawnWrangler (1738 posts) -

me, i only know the premise but i was interested in the movie and game. both are great. i'll buy the books now :P

#11 Posted by Nemesis274 (36 posts) -

I was aware of the basic premise, but I needed to borrow the books to get in to what is so great about Scott Pilgrim. And by God, they were awesome. Afterward, I bought the game and it feels even more amusing as to how well the game stays true to the source material. 
Since the movie is not yet out in my shores, chances are I might see it in a month or two. Or perhaps buy the movie on Blu-Ray or DVD

#12 Posted by CenturionCajun (1573 posts) -

I have never read the comic books although after seeing the excellent movie I think I might have to. I'm very much looking forward to Scott Pilgrim coming out on the 360 as I very much enjoy the 16 bit look and old school game style. I'll agree that Scott Pilgrim is aggressively unlikable and Ramona is...bland but the casual way everyone goes along with the absurdity is what makes it so enjoyable.

#13 Posted by EightBitShik (1449 posts) -

I knew nothing about it prior to the movie. I still don't know if it's a story that is continuous or not. If someone would like to nerd me out with some info on it go for it.

#14 Posted by Stealthcake92 (23 posts) -

Had never even heard of Scott Pilgrim before the film trailers!

#15 Posted by BBQBram (2402 posts) -

Saw the movie trailer, thought it was awesome, saw the game, even more-so, played it, beat it, loved it, bought all the comics, currently reading (and loving) them.
It just perfectly caters to my appreciation of both video game nostalgia and the indie-rock scene.

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