Confused about items/shops?

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I can't tell what items are temporary buffs and what items are permanent stat increases? Also at the end of the 2nd boss I got an "item". Where the hell do I access it? I'm really enjoying the game, but it would be alot better if it just included a few damn tool tips explaining it's item system. thanks!

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well the game is designed to be nostalgic of old-school games that have limited text to explain everything lol!  I think items bought in stores are explained in the "How to Play" section when you press start, but not sure.  All stat+ items are permanent, there are no temporary stat items.  As for the energy boosts or HP or GP regeneration, usually those are the foods and drinks.  Read every item, usually it has a clue like "boosts your energy" or something to indicate that it gives you energy boost (you blink and become faster).  But usually, the foods and drinks are HP and GP increase, but like old games, you have to try them out to see what it does. 
As for items that can be carried, you can only carry one and usually those are snacks.  The only one I'm sure of is the Iced Tea which gives you 30 HP and 30 GP.  There are a lot actually.  Just explore and buy stuff and try the items.  I remember Castlevania games have the same mentality with the items, it just indicates "Pot Roast" or "Sword named Hector" but it doesn't actually indicate what it does, you have to try it out. :) 
But if you can't stand the style, I'm sure you'll find a list of the items around the Internet.  It's inevitable that someone will make an item list for the game. :) 
Have fun!

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Theres only 2 items you need to buy in the game. 
The Bionic Arm  (under the bridge) 
and the Book from the bookshop that gives you more defense     (not sure of the name but you'll know which one it is)  
The Bionic arm for like $130 is the most valuble one as  you need to only buy two to max out your strength.
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Also the item the second boss drops(the skateboard) is just a joke reference from the comic(Scott gets the skateboard just like in the game,but then says "I don't know how to skate" then it just disappears)or something along those lines.

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Basically, anything food restores stamina and health. Some items can be taken to go, to be used automatically when your health is depleted. 
Everything else will permanently boost stats. It's the only way to boost stats. 
Personally, I recommend getting 500 bucks (or bunnies), and paying off your video debt. Everything only costs 5 bucks in that shop and all boost your stats tremendously. Even the one up is only 5 bucks. Definitely a plus.

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