Did the ending bug anyone else?

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I guess this is more directed to those who read the books as well as played the game, but did anyone else get bothered by the ending of the game? 
I'm usually not one let cannon of video games and/or comics bother me.  I'm not going to spoil the ending of either but they're totally different. 
I get that a lot from the comics/graphic novels don't necessarily translate into a fun video game, and I'm cool with the creative liberty they took to make it more gamey.  But if I had played the game first - the ending was so ass backwards and uninspiring there is no chance I'd want to read the books which were actually pretty good and entertaining.

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Isn't their multiple endings?

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I've actually only seen Scott's ending, but yes, it was a little bothersome. I was wondering if I needed to beat it on Hard to get a better ending, but its still the same.

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I've only seen Scott's ending, but I thought it was more of a funny callback to the stupid endings of old arcade beat em ups than anything else (start happy, then try to make an ominous twist: see Alien Vs. Predator).

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It's meant to be humorous and in no way serious.

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@Mysterysheep said:
" It's meant to be humorous and in no way serious. "
Yep. It didn't bother me because the story wasn't really there in the first place.
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Haven't beaten it yet. I enjoy the game, but it can't hold my attention for more then a few mins. When I die is basically when I stop.

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@Hammerjelly said:
" I've actually only seen Scott's ending, but yes, it was a little bothersome. I was wondering if I needed to beat it on Hard to get a better ending, but its still the same. "
I beat it on the hardest mode (for the achievement) and it was still the same. 
I get that the story's not there but the core of it is.  Just incase someone stumbles in here who doesn't want either spoiled (even tho it's obvious)... 
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The endings are different for each character.  Ramona has the "ture" ending.  
Also Kim has the most awesome ending lol

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I think the game was made to not spoil the ending especially for the ones who want to see the movie.  I haven't seen the movie but I've heard that it's not really too much different from the comic book version.  And I think the game was in production even before the final volume of Scott Pilgrim was released.  The endings to the game were there to just tease gamers and to try to be funny.  But the endings were still related to the comics lol!  And if you really want to know how it ends, of course you'll read the comics eventually since the game just ended in a weird cliffhanger and leaves you to have a "lolwut?" face hehe!

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The Scott Pilgrim movie had the same effect on me as the Watchmen movie, I just ended up reading the comic instead of watching it. 
I did download the demo for the game though, haven't played yet but might buy it if I enjoy it. Might even buy it if I don't.

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the movie felt like it was trying way to hard. and when i watched the quicklook of the game i felt the same way. so i didnt even play it.

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I believe that each character and combonation of characters have a different ending screen.

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