Game Refuses To Proceed After Boss Fight

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Has anybody else had this game-breaking issue? In Stage 2 at the movie set, I defeated Lucas Lee, and then he popped right back up and just stood there, as did my character as if the game was waiting for a cinematic to occur but never happened. So the game continued to wait all the while the music is still going, and myself being unable to move Scott Pilgrim at all. I paused and went through all of the menus hoping it would unjam the game, but to no avail.
Has anybody else had to deal with this? If so, did you get it working and if so, how? If not, does anybody have any general tips for minimizing game jams?

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He is supposed to hop on his skateboard, grind a rail and explode. Not sure why it isn't triggering. If possible I would suggest deleting the game from your hard drive and re-downloading, not sure what good it will do though.

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try pressing start and just view whatever stuff in the options menu or how to play descriptions then go back to the game, see if it will continue. the "refuse to proceed" problem occurred to me during the level with the ninja girl and there was a part where an enemy seemed to get stuck and the level won't proceed and doing the press start stuff fixed the problem, lol! i hope it helps your problem too hehe!

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All I did was restart the level and it was good to go. I think I pressed the guide button to look at the achievement I unlocked and it probably seized up the game.

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The game repeatedly crashed for me on stage 4, but I haven't had this happen. One glitch that people have mentioned is it not saying "GO" after all enemies on screen have been defeated. In my experience, this is usually not a glitch but rather there's an enemy refusing to come onto the screen. You can just go to the edge and beat him up though, or just throw stuff off the screen.
I'm not sure but I think the times it crashed on stage 4 were when I was dashing around pretty crazily, so maybe the game can have a problem with scrolling quickly?

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