Jesus Christ this is totally River City Ransom

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This is so fucking great, I've wanted a new River City Ransom for fucking ever. 
And it has four player co-op, so fuck me. This may just be the greatest thing ever. 
I mean it has the hidden shops, you kill people and coins come out, awesome combos, there are environmental hazards and shit, and it is probably going to be pretty damn funny considering the source material. Then again I suppose that River City Ransom wasn't so much funny as it was extremely goofy, but then again it really doesn't matter. If that weren't enough though it's also got some seriously fucking gorgeous graphics and they've got what could only be the best band ever for this game, Anamanaguchi. Not to mention what looks like a much more varied gameplay experience overall.
Man, this game is just fucking awesome. Fuck.

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Well I was on the fence before this. Now I'm sold. Hurry up and get on XBLA!

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This game reminds me of Castle Crashers for some reason, at least the way the characters use their special abilities. Question, does this game has online co-op? I heard it was offline only, and I really hope that's not true.

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Ok, real question. Do people BARF? If not, NO. SALE.

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@Rockanomics: There is a chapter in the comic that basically IS River City Ransom and it has dudes what say BARF. 
So my guess is yes.
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It sort of looks like that old simpson arcade game. 

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Yeah Still gonna buy it but I'm gonna be playing solo because of no online co-op D:
How could they leave out the online?! This could have been my GoTY...

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@Hamst3r: Yeah, I know... I was being a little facetious there. ;) It makes my heart hammer with jingoistic pride that Paul Robertson's an Australian, too. Christ, he makes some rad shit.
However, I'd not seen that animation you'd linked to, so cheers for that!
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@Hamst3r said:
" @buzz_clik said:
" It also looks just like Pirate Baby's Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006. Except, y'know, it's a real game. "
The art is drawn by the same guy. :D
Here's some probably-NSFW craziness from him: Kings of Power 4 Billion %. "
Yep, I saw that a while back, and said "It just HAS to be made into a video game."
Oddly enough (or not oddly at all) someone thought the same thing.

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