Just picked up the soundtrack...

#1 Posted by The_Tolman (458 posts) -

..and i must say it is awesome! Has anyone else bought the album, what are your opinions on it? My only problem is that I feel like it might be missing a few songs from the game.

#2 Posted by UnsolvedParadox (1873 posts) -

I have, will be firing that up in the morning. I've seen the movie twice so far, the soundtrack is pretty fantastic.

#3 Posted by ShadowVirus (841 posts) -

I got the game soundtrack, not the movie soundtrack. Love it though, I have all of anamanaguchi's albums and singles. 
will probably get the movie soundtrack sooner or later aswell.

#4 Posted by Hyperfludd (399 posts) -

Getting both later today, as well as watching the movie later today. I need that final book too! It's like a rush of Scott Pilgrim as soon as I entered the US.

#5 Posted by XenoNick (1527 posts) -

Plan on getting it later during the week when i get paid. I've liked what i've heard so far though.

#6 Edited by matti00 (677 posts) -

Got the movie soundtrack at work today, Threshold is my jam. The bassline at the start of 'We Hate You, Please Die' also gives me tingles, I love heavy bass in indie rock.
I would get the game one, but I don't download music, so bummer.

#7 Posted by Evercaptor (436 posts) -

Haven't beat the game yet, but the soundtrack is next on the list after that. so far I think it might outrank TWEWY as my fave OST ever.

#8 Posted by wefwefasdf (6730 posts) -

I have the movie soundtrack but I haven't picked up the game soundtrack yet. I just beat the game; I'll probably get the game soundtrack soon.

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