SPvTW coming to PSN, XBLA August 10, 25 respectively

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Wait, offline co-op only? But... I don't have friends D:

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I still don't get why there is no online co-op. 
I mean I'm glad it has local, but making it mandatory is fucking retarded and it is going to turn off a bunch of people. 
Not me, but other people.

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I'm really digging the pixel artwork (it's not quite Kings of Power 4 Billion %, but it still looks great) and the music, but the combat seems kind of dull.

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Already ordered the game on Ubisoft's site.  Hope it's good, I'm really hyped for it.

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Does anyone recommend the line of comics that the game/movie is based on?  I started to look into this series, but the artstyle in the first couple of pages turned me off on it.  Is there any substance to the stories, or is it just a line of pop-culture nerd references?

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@Andorski: I feel the story had substance. I mainly enjoyed it for the humor but the character evolution was good. I've seen to many stories with a generic character making generic movements and lines you see coming from a mile away. This story had some humor, albeit based on curve ball randomness, and some pretty non general takes on the character types. It might not be for you but I felt it did something different. Maybe not in a good way in your view but I like change, I like unique characters, I like plot twists I didn't see coming ( Even if they are so stupid simple and avoidant that they don't even deserve to be call twists).
Personal favorite character was Knives Chau. Expected her to be an annoying plot device but she evolved into a full fledged character.
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I was going to get this, but now I dont know, because its only local co-op.

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i got this game, enjoying it old school is still cool, thank god they didn't do a 3d type game. weird that it has no online co-op. might change later when the movie comes out (when is that coming out?) the comics/manga is good, humor is nice and there's a season why i cant stop reading it again. just cant put my finger on it. but i read the entire series, waiting on the movie

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@harinosho: the movie comes out on the 13th in the us and the 25th here in th uk
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@tallTuck94 said:
" @harinosho: the movie comes out on the 13th in the us and the 25th here in th uk "
25th? so faaar... why do they do that. man that sucks

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