This game saves to the Cloud!

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I was over at a friends place the other other day and we got to talking about the film and subsequently the game at which point I decided to recover my gamertag over Live from his 360 and download the full SPvTW game so we could try out coop. Upon booting it up I was really shocked to see it recognized my level 6 Scott as well as my progress through the game. We played for a an hour or so with my character leveling up and getting further in the game before stopping. I booted up the game today from home and sure enough my progress from the other night was represented.  
Despite not having online coop, I'm very impressed with the developers for having this forward moving feature. If i can make thousands of spam email accounts on Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc, all having several GBs of storage space, I don't see why the platform holders couldn't easily implement a cloud memory card for game saves. Especially considering the jacked up price of Live now. 

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Welcome to 2010. These should be expected features soon.

#3 Posted by applet0n (701 posts) -
@EpicSteve: Still, pretty impressive for what some (Myself not included) would view as little more than a arcade movie tie-in.
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Oh, I actually assumed that when you recover your profile to another console, it would always bring the saves with it. Why else would you want to take your profile over like that? Eitherway, if it's not a common thing then yeah, it's good to see this game has it. They seem to have put a lot of effort and care into it, playtesting aside.

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I thought all arcade games did this, because they could guarentee an internet connection. Castle crashers was the first one I noticed this with.

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