Unlocking NegaScott + other unlockable characters?

#1 Posted by Napalm (9230 posts) -

Okay so I was reading on another board that you must beat all stages with all four characters to unlock NegaScott, and it must be done on the same profile. Also, when beating it, each one can be done separately. You don't have to beat it with all four characters at the same time. For those who have the Xbox Live version, is this correct?
Also, are there any other unlockable characters?

#2 Posted by TheFreeMan (2712 posts) -

Apparently Knives Chau is the last character. You get her when you buy the movie, which is packaged with a download code. Which bums me out a bit.

#3 Posted by Napalm (9230 posts) -
@TheFreeMan: Have you unlocked NegaScott? If so, are unlock instructions I posted correct?
Also, being able to unlock Knives Chau isn't a bad gift for buying the movie, considering how awesome it is.
#4 Posted by TheFreeMan (2712 posts) -
@Napalm: My little brother unlocked NegaScott, and according to him, you're right.
Knives isn't a bad gift at all for getting the movie, haha, I'm just down that I have to wait until it comes out to play as her! I wonder who her striker will be?
#5 Posted by lilbigsupermario (813 posts) -

you'll unlock knives chau by buying the movie? where did you get the info? that's awesome though lol!

#6 Posted by FoxMulder (1789 posts) -

Is this real??? I hope so!  I hated Knives at the beginning of the movie but she definately grew on me as she matured!! I hope it is a unlockable!!!! 
Has anyone got Mr. Chau?  My brother found him but lost to him.  Havent found him since..... :(

#7 Posted by BBQBram (2443 posts) -

Yeah, what are the requirements for making Mr. Chau appear on the map? 
Also, why the fuck is the movie not screening until January in Europe? :(

#8 Posted by Teclo (158 posts) -
Well it came out in the UK a while ago. Don't know why the rest of Europe would be that far behind.
As for getting Mr Chau to appear, once you've progressed beyond stage 4 he will randomly appear after you complete a level (i.e. beat a boss). The best way to get him to appear is to enter stage 3 at the point on the map that leads to the boss fight. That way you'll "complete" the level without having to actually do most of it.
#9 Posted by BBQBram (2443 posts) -
Hey thanks, I'll try that. Judging by your avatar, you're pretty much into the whole Scott Pilgrim thing? :)
I'm really trying not to get the movie through "other means", because I figure it's the kind of movie that needs to be seen on the big screen.

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