What do you think of my new picture?

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I was board and kinda drunk, so I figured I'd mess around with my webcam and photoshop.
Its not a great quallity camera, but I did what I could with what I had.  Let me know what yall think guys.

 That's me yo!
 That's me yo!

 This is the movie poster.  I just put it in here for reference
 This is the movie poster.  I just put it in here for reference
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Looks cool from what I can see, but the images aren't properly in place. You can't click them to blow them up and see the full image. It's a common problem I've seen... I can't say I know how to fix it.

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dude, that`s awesome man, props

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Looks pretty good duder.

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Get rid of the black outlines around each of the shapes in your background. 
Just looks really bad.

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Thanks for the input guys.  Ya about the black lines... I mentioned I was drunk right?  lol I had them in just as a divider between the yellow and orange background colors, and I kinda forget to take them out.  
Just to let yall know, almost everything was a different color in the original. My hair isn't brown, my jacket isn't blue, neither is the fuzzy things at the top of the jacket (idk what their called,) my shirt isn't yellow and it doesn't have a red outline.
This was just a spur of the moment thing.  I may try again sometime, and if I do it would be with better suiting clothes to match the comic/poster.  There is only one little detail about this pic that I actually take pride in, and thats the fact that I'm wearing a watch on my left hand. lol 

 Also.  Jack Daniels...  Hell of a drink
 Also.  Jack Daniels...  Hell of a drink

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