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"We've got unfinished business, I and he" 14

Let's get one thing straight: yes indeed, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game is heavy on the references and many a past video game will be mentioned or at the very least illicit a "hey I remember that!". 3D Dot Game Heroes, released earlier this year, did the same thing although its focus was primarily on one thing: Legend of Zelda, and specifically the first one. Scott Pilgrim's on the other hand come from all over the place from Mega Man to River City Ransom to Turtles in Time and many othe...

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Wait, what year is it? 0

The developers of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game are obviously massive fans of retro beat-em-up’s and have created a extremely faithful clone of River City Ransom right down to the early 90’s cliches. As first impressions go Scott Pilgrim is fascinating due to it’s commitment to bringing an old school game to a new era, but Scott Pilgrim may adhere slightly too much to the retro game feel, ironically including many of the flaws that those Video Games it’s inspired by had. Scott Pilgrim vs...

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A Beat-Em-Up Filled With References Everywhere... 1

Note - Videos are from the XBLA version, but the PSN version is pretty much identical for the most part.     When you have a movie coming out that is filled with video game references or reminds yourself of your gaming past time, it sounds pretty cool in concept. That is the case with Scott Pilgrim vs. The World starring Michael Cera as he dates Ramona, but he has to deal with her seven exes. All of this seems like a cool video game as well as Ubisoft Montreal decided make an old-school beat-em-...

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Cross-promotional Greater Toronto Ransom 1

First, some cleaning notes. I had twice planned to see the Scott Pilgrim Versus the World movie over this weekend but my friend twice vanished on me. Maybe things work a little differently in her native Mississauga, but where I come from, you try not to agree to see a movie the same day as your brother’s big birthday party. I don’t know. Fortunately I was in Toronto at the time and there’s never not something interesting to do in Toronto.   Tribute to the ever popular Doki Dori Panic Which ...

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Imitating The Classics... To A Fault 0

If there's one thing I can definitely say about Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game, it's that Ubisoft didn't feel any pressure to fall into the typical movie licensed game trap with this one. The comics were written with gamers in mind, and the video game adaption takes that theme to heart. The result is a hardcore, old school beat 'em up gaming experience. While Ubisoft certainly succeeded at creating a unique and interesting licensed game, they have in a way trapped themselves by sticking so...

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Tell It to the Cleaning Lady on Monday 0

With the impending release of the "Scott Pilgrim vs The World" film, many people might peg this "Scott Pilgrim vs The World:The Game" as another movie adapation and immediately file it under their "ignore forever" section of their brain. However, this downloadable brawler is more then a little extra revenue being squeezed from a film IP, and is instead entirely worthy of the $10 (in Canadian monies).  Scott Pilgrim vs the World: The Game is a video game retelling of the six part Scott Pilgrim co...

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Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World: The Game Review 0

By - RegianMovie tie-in games, for the most part, stink. Normally, studios will just take a movie franchise, crank out a game in a certain amount of time that would make those responsible for E.T. on the Atari jealous, slap a full retail tag on it and let it loose on the marketplace. Nine times out of ten, they fail. Miserably.Here comes Scott Pilgrim VS. The World: The Game, a game tied-in to the recent release of the movie of the same title (which is very good, go see it after you read this re...

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Great personality 1

I got beef, lets fight! The Scott Pilgrim franchise is all about unexplained insanity. His videogame adaptation of the comic is no different. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game is a 2D side-scroller beat-em' up IN Double Dragon and River City Ransom fashion. Basically, the game boils down to you running to the right and fighting dudes. This game is much more than a simple throwback an old-school genre. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World encapsulates the personality fans are familiar with while also...

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Please buy this game 1

After years of forced Kevin Smith Star Wars references and the fantastic Family Guy writing that has consisted of "word word pop culture reference word word", you'd think the nerd culture would embrace such a careful handling of not only the direct source material, but also the underlying "spirit" of everything nerdy. Yes, the references are there, but without them, it's still a solid story with great characters. Scott Pilgrim doesn't stop the action and say to Knives "you look like my favorite ...

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Fun, Frustration, Nostalgia, and a faint reminder of Dark Souls. 0

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World tries so hard to remind of us of games played in late 80s to early 90s, so it's a bit ironic that the game that it ended up reminding me of is a more modern release, namely Dark Souls. Both games have frustrating difficulty curves and have gameplay that focuses on animation priority. If you press a button, you are locked in that animation until it completes. Both also contain many battles that are borderline impossible until you learn of strategies that some delusiona...

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Scott Pilgrim vs. The Frustration 0

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game is a steal at 800 MS Points. It features all of Sex Bom-omb (Crazy Awesome Scott Pilgrim, Adorable and Angry Kim Pine, and the Talent that is Stephen Stills) and Scott's mysterious and alluring girlfriend, Ramona Flowers. Overall, the game is an enjoyable experience for fans of the comic and movie. And even if knew to the Scott Pilgrim world, it's old school style and mix of comicbook flair makes it intriguing for anyone. But it has a few drawbacks as well. ...

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A Shinier River City Ransom 0

Scott Pilgrim vs the World - Ubisoft Montreal Studios, PSN, Xbox Live MarketplaceScott Pilgrim vs the World is a fun straight up old school beat 'em up game update of River City Ransom based on the Scott Pilgrim graphic novels. The graphic novels are jam packed with pop culture and video game references, and the game adaptation is no different. Every screen it seems is filled with references whether they affect the gameplay or not.The story is very basic with no time given to fleshing it out be...

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Good Game, but Show Stopping Bugs 0

Scott Pilgrim vs the World is a classic brawler with a heavy emphasis on retro.  Within a the first 15 minutes it will remind you of River City Ransom (RCR.)  The comparisons are fair as it has a reminiscent art style and borrows some of RCR's features.  However, to simply call it a newer version of RCR is selling it short.  It controls well, has a great sound track, interesting levels, and is in general a whole lot of fun.  The big problem here is that Ubisoft clearly rushed the game out the do...

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Scott Pigrim vs The Random Crashing 0

The side-scrolling beat 'em up is a great choice of genre to use for a Scott Pilgrim game. Inherently retro, like the geek chic references in the comics, and simultaneously hardcore and casual (you can do a stage without being hit once or you can just dumbly wander through hammering X) it's a genre that the franchise nestles into very comfortably. Add in some light RPG elements and you also allow it to add in gaming tropes such as HP, levelling up, unlocking new moves and "Guts" (using the same ...

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Scottie Pippin Vs. the World 0

Did you grow up playing video games? When you hear old school 8-bit music do you get hit with a rush of nostalgia? Do you like side-scrolling beat em ups? Then brother do I have a game for you.Just like Bryan Lee O’Malley’s graphic novel, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The game is an amazing mash up of nostalgic video game references. If you’ve read the comic books or seen the movie, you’ll get a bit more out of the little touches that are put into the game, but even with no knowledge of the Scott...

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Approved 0

A fitting movie to get a own 8-bit game. Not in sense that the movie is something spectacular. Instead fitting based on the video game references the franchise does. That again is based on Bryan Lee O'Malley comic books.   As with the movie I feel that the game doesn't hit the target audience properly. Licensed game based on a teenage movie which again is basically a 8-bit brawler game. One would think that the majority of movies audience don't see the charm of this old game?   Game mechanis...

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If your life had a face, I'd punch it, up to a 64-hit combo. 0

This is kind of both a let down, and so fucking awesome to me... There has always been an itch that could be scratched for a while now... I've always been the type of person that knows a lot about a lot of things, like obscure actors and the movies they have been in and can recite multiple lines from most of the movies on the drop of a hat. Its that type of basic "nostalgia", for a lack of a better term, just get sucked into my brain, and I havent been able to find that type of medium.Until now....

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My Eyes Hurt.. 1

It's everything I asked for. Now I have to deal with the fact I played it for hours on end with my pal.. We unlocked zombie survival and we did that alot after getting our butts whooped by the boss in the story arc.. All in all, I asked for a fun beat em up that I could play with my pals OFFLINE, and I got it, game references left and right, RPG elements, shining lights that hurt my brain at 3AM..  This game is FUN, but if you play it too long.. you suck the fun outta it..  Now all I need is fou...

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An Epic Pilgrim's Journey 0

Welp. All I can say is that this game is pretty much epic multiplied by awesome squared. Then add ten… thousand. Does anyone remember the Turtles in Time (Ninja Turtles) for SNES? This is exactly that – But more.Scott Pilgrim is an ode to old school 8-bit games. Everything is true to the era – the music is EXCELLENT, the graphics quality, while 8-bit looking, runs really smooth, and the game play is simple and fun. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not simple in that you walk around pressing one button t...

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Awesome has a new name, and its Scott Pilgrim 0

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is an awesome game. The art style is a great mix of art loosely based on the art used in the graphic novels and old-school classic video games, this may give a familiar vibe to those who have read the graphic novels and to those who are fans of old 8-bit classics.  The old-school graphics and style are almost improved thanks to an amazing sound track made exclusively for this title by chip-tune band Anamanaguchi and a purchase of this game is worth it just to hear thi...

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GTCknight's review of Scott Pilgrim 0

                  First things first, this game is going to reference multiple 8-bit games and at least in my opinion one anime, more on that later. Second, I should point out that while I can (and did) find the majority of the games that are referenced there were some that I can only say due to Jeff’s and Brad’s quick look (River City Ransom).                        Now then let’s begin. The very first thing anyone is going to notice right off the bat are the Mario references that Scott Pilgri...

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Make a Scott Pilgrimage 0

   Anamanguchi's soundtrack is divine, by the way  (This review originally appeared on my gaming blog)  Scott Pilgrim, then, was a chance discovery of a Marketplace bargain. 400 points? I’m in. It’s a winning price point: if it’s a bad game, you spent a pittance to discover that, but if it’s a good game, you spent a pittance to discover that. The game is a wonderful beat ‘em up trip down memory lane of rainy Sundays spent in my Dad’s living room playing Streets of Rage 2 or Golden Axe 2 with...

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Scott Pilgrim Saves the Playstation 0

Scott Pilgrim Saves the World: The Game is quite a throw back. It sets you in the shoes of one of the 4 main characters (Scott Ramona, Kim, and the guy who thinks he's to cool for school who i forget his name right now). You go through the game in a super mario esque way, moving on through a world map after you complete each side scrolling level. Each level is beautifully designed and animated, adding a real atmosphere to the game. Each move is also specially animated, giving all the new moves y...

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8-bit nirvana at 10 bucks count me in! 0

Every once in a while I usually beg moan to the gaming gods to send me a game that brings me back to the glory days of River City Ransom and Final Fight. Now here's a gem of a game that has hooked me from start to it's finish. Scott Pilgrim is a your average Canadian teenage loser who finally has met a girl that he is smitten over. Now you may think this romantic comedy can't possibly make for a great game but the catch to this girl, Ramona Flowers, is that she has 7 evil ex-boyfriends that Scot...

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Awesome music, co-op, and gameplay. Win! 0

Remember when arcades and home consoles were full of wonderful 8-bit and 16-bit beat-em-up games? You’d spin a quarter down into a machine to give life to a character whom died within a few minutes only to spin another one back down for an extra life. That feeling, along with a friend, and usually pizza somewhere else, seems to be lost for the upcoming class of gamers. Scott Pilgrim’s role is to create new nostalgia on old styles of gameplay. With an awesome soundtrack by chip-tune artist, Anama...

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Scott Pilgrim is the perfect example of how a game can put style before game play to great effect. Even though the game play is well beyond being merely competent, the thing that really won me over was the awesome, comic inspired look, sharp retro soundtrack, a Toronto that looks like it fell out of Super Mario, and some nice video game and referential humor.  Plays Almost as Well as it Looks (and Sounds)  If you like Scott Pilgrim and games, skip this review and buy this game. If you don't know...

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