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Scrabs are four-legged carnivores native to the continent of Mudon on Oddworld. Their muscular, limbless torsos are perched above four legs, each tipped with a single black claw. A sharp beak supported by an elongated neck is used to tear the flesh from prey, usually after knocking down their target and stamping it into submission with their strong legs. Scrabs' red-and-yellow coloration allows these predators to better blend into their natural habitat, the rocky deserts of Scrabania, where the Mundanchee tribe of Mudokons has erected a temple dedicated to the sacred beasts.

Fiercely territorial, a single Scrab will relentlessly pursue any tresspassers within reach, including other Scrabs, until one or both participants are killed. Fortunately for agile Mudokons, Scrabs are not proficient climbers and can be easily avoided by escaping to higher ground.

The Mundanchee burial vaults inside Necrum, ancient necropolis of the Mudokons, also host many resident Scrabs. Modern Mudokons believe the Scrabs serve as guardians of these vaults in honor of the Mundanchee tribe's particular reverence for the creatures. Scrabs, along with a second notable predator species called Paramites, comprise the two aspects of the Mudokon deity known as the Shrykull.

Populations of Scrabs have decreased dramatically due to over-harvesting as meat-producing livestock, much of which is processed at Glukkon-controlled RuptureFarms and packaged as "Scrab Cakes."

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