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With a serpentine lower body and an upper half vaguely resembling an armless human torso, the Scrag, also referred to at times as the Wizard, is without a doubt one of the more outlandish products of Quake's bizarre and often Lovecraftian creature aesthetic. As the game's only aerial foe, the Scrag serves mainly to complicate engagements with terrestrial opponents. It is usually the least immediate threat when other monsters are present, but is nonetheless a constant nuisance that requires additional evasive action if it cannot be killed quickly. The Scrag is most dangerous in these frenetic situations where it can capitalize on the chaos by pelting players with projectile fire while they are otherwise occupied, thus slowly chipping away at their health over time. It can also pursue the player practically anywhere, including underwater

Though troublesome when accompanied, a Scrag is fairly easy to deal with without the support of other creatures. Its projectile attack is not exceedingly hard to avoid, and it possesses low enough health that it will succumb easily to a single rocket or two volleys from the Double Barreled Shotgun. Groups of Scrags are likewise easily dispatched, with either variety of Nailgun being well-suited for this purpose. While fragile, it is noteworthy for being marginally more evasive than other Quake enemies. It has a tendency to strafe in between attacks, meaning it can sometimes successfully dodge non-hitscan weaponry, especially when at a distance. Ironically, though, this becomes less of an issue on Nightmare, since Skrag behavior is slightly different on this difficulty setting. Rather than attacking intermittently and moving between shots as in lower difficulties, on Nightmare the Scrag prefers to attack constantly any time it has line-of-sight with the player. Since the Scrag can not attack and move at the same time, this essentially makes it a stationary target.

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