What type of music would you like to see?

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Since this game is being published by Activision, I'm guessing that it's that DJ Hero game everybody was talking about just a few months back.

Anyway, what kind of music would you guys all like to see?

personally, I'm hoping for some Benny Benassi, Electric Six, Enigma, Mixmaster Mike, Beastie Boys, and maybe some Gorillaz, too...

also, it'd be cool if they had some hard-rock tracks to mix in with all of the techno stuff...
I'm also guessing they're gonna have some rap and hip-hop... and all I can say for that is that I hope they stay away from crunk...
oh man, crunk is horrible.

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i don't even want to see this game.

but if i really wanted a plastic turntable to throw next to my other plastic instruments i think id want..

(thats an actual band)

actually, this could be a really funny, fun game, theres not enough information for me to get too skeptic, but im a little tired of these rythem games.
and an ingame screenshot i saw looked exsactly like giutar hero, (green, red, yellow ect.) MAYBE I DONT WANT DIS!!
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Lol, what did I just watch? seriously.  I have no idea, lol.

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I would like to see some songs in this that are done by actual turtableist groups like the X-Ecutioners

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X-Ecutioners would be cool.
Actually, that's probobly more likely...
I was hoping for a game with a bunch of different songs, and we could do mash-ups of them, but it'll probobly be turntable groups, which is still cool.

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DJ Qbert, DJ Z-Trip, Skratch Bastid.

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Renegade_v2 said:


I fucking lol'd especially in Vinny's video, "Okay...That's enough of that"
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Mos Def, anything with Dj Premier's beats, Ludacris, Heltah Skeltah, Murs, Oh No etc..

Lets just pray that they dont screw this game up.
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I am sort of hoping that they make more techno escque versions of older songs.

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hey guys check this out:

looks like they might be getting signed, we might see them on the game then, lol.

(for the record, I know it's a joke...)

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I personally liked to see some RJD2, a little DJ Shadow, and some J5 featuring Cut Chemist (or his solo work).

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Renegade_v2 said:

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This game could be good IF they actually did DJ in a sense of electronica, not hip hop.

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There HAS to be some DJ Premier & World's Famous Beat Junkies(like Babu's set here) in here. Hell, some Dj Jazzy Jeff. I can then overlook the cheap turntable controller.

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Pitchshifter, Gravity Kills, and Sneaker Pimps.  Give me some stuff from when I was young!  = D

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Absurd said:
"Renegade_v2 said:


I fucking lol'd especially in Vinny's video, "Okay...That's enough of that""
Funniest vid ever.
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I can't believe no one has written this yet. Midnight Brown, that's the only band I want on this game.

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Daft Punk

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DJ Shadow, definitely.

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id love to see some house, trance and drum and bass music in this game.......damn would that be fun

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 she would be the ultimate win.

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aurahack said:
she would be the ultimate win.

That was pretty cool. has a very nice techno vibe to it.

oh, you know what else would be cool in this game? some of the songs from Jet Set Radio or JSRF
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Vigorousjammer said:
"aurahack said:
she would be the ultimate win.

That was pretty cool. has a very nice techno vibe to it.

oh, you know what else would be cool in this game? some of the songs from Jet Set Radio or JSRF
^^ a-fuckin-men
I do want a few certain songs:
"Can I Kick it?" - A Tribe Called Quest
"Galaxie Express" - Cornelius
"Under the Influence" - Citizen King
"I Can't Wake Up" - KRS-One
"Technical Difficulties" - Dr. Octagon
"D-Code" - Dust Devil
"Faith" - Limp Bizkit (The band is mediocre, but I do kind of like this cover, plus there is some scratching near the end... please don't hurt me)
"Mad For It" - Shootyz Groove
"I Am Hated" - Slipknot (ONLY because it was great fun to Freestyle to on Amplitude)

question do the songs already need to have DJ/Scratching elements in it??
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If this sells well, clearly they continue to pump out "new" games in the series ala SCRATCH: Ultimate DJ Beastie Boys Edition. Hell they'll even make one for asshats like DarkSmugLoser who don't have the slightest idea where the art of DJing originated from and if they do it's because they looked on WIkipedia.

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