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Scrubbles is a 'match 3' puzzle game from Oberon Media. Like other 'match 3' games, you are firing coloured balls from a set point. If you match three or more of the same type then they are removed and anything below that was attached, but no attached to anything else will also fall off to board.

Ball Mode
Scrubbles has two noticable differences to other games of this genre. Firstly, the balls you are firing are actually all heads, each type having their own sounds and personalities. Secondly, is ball mode, this is slightly different in that you are firing at a hexagon in the centre of the board, and after every shot it rotates anti-clockwise.

The game itself has two modes; Journey and Endless.

In Journey mode you are working your way through a series of set levels trying to save the Borb Bay where the scrubbles live from alien invasion. The levels are a mix of straight up and ball.

The purpose of Endless mode  is simply to achieve a high score. You choose either straight up or ball mode and are presented with progressively harder levels of that type.

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