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Scyther first appeared in Pokemon Red and Blue, but could only be caught in Red. It was available as a prize from the Celedon City Game Cornor, or it could be caught in the Safari Zone. There after it has been featured in almost every Pokemon game to be released, but the only instances of catch exclusiveness are in FireRed and Diamond.


Scyther appears as a large green praying mantis like Pokemon, with two large blade-like forearms. It has a pair of cream colored wings, and an almost reptilian head instead of an insects. 

In the Main Games

  Red and Blue
  Celadon City Game Corner and Safari Zone (Red Only)
  Yellow Safari Zone
  Gold and Silver
 National Park (During the Bug Catching Contest)  Rare
  Crystal National Park (During the Bug Catching Contest)  Rare
  Ruby and Sapphire
 Trade None
  Emerald Trade None
  Firered and LeafGreen
 Celadon City Game Corner and Safari Zone ( FireRed Only)  Unlimited
  Colosseum Trade None
  XD Citadark Isle (Shadow)
  Diamond and Pearl
 Route 229 ( Diamond Only)
  Platinum Route 210, Route 215
  HeartGold and SoulSilver
National Park (During the Bug Catching Contest)   Rare

In Side Games

  Pokemon Snap
  Pokemon Trozei!
 Secret Storage 7 
Secret Storage 14
Endless Level 15
Mr. Who's Den
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
Red/Blue Rescue Team

Sinister Woods (8F-11F)
Pitfall Valley (13F-18F)
Joyous Tower (15F-19F)
Remains Island (B13-B19)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
Explorers of Time/Darkness

 Mystifying Forest (B1-B13)
Mystery Jungle (B1-B29)
Midnight Forest (B1-B21)
 Pokemon Ranger
 Lyra Forest
Pokemon Ranger:
Shadow of Almia

 Almia Castle
Altru Building
Pokemon Rumble
Quiet Forest


The only way for Scyther to evolve is by trading it to another player with it holding the Metal Coat item. This caused it turn into the Flying/Steel type Pokemon Scizor.
 Scyther's Evolved Form, Scizor.

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