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The first game based on the SD Gundam license, the "Super Deformed" variant in which all the Gundam mechas are depicted as cute, miniaturized versions of themselves. The game is a hybrid of strategic turn-based wargaming and a more active real-time fighting system for actual battles.

The game received two separate releases in Japan (it was never released elsewhere): The first, in November 1987, is thought to be the regular boxed version while the second, in January 1988, is when the game became available on the "Disk Writer" service; a system in which Famicom Disk System owners could take games and either write them on blank disks or overwrite existing disk games. The latter version tended to be cheaper, as it required zero manufacturing costs.

The game would receive two ports due to its legacy: The first for the GBA, as part of its Famicom Mini series, and again on the Wii's Virtual Console. The game, nor its two ports, were ever released outside of Japan.

Map Collection

Though in some respects a sequel, SD Gundam Gachapon Senshi Scramble Wars Map Collection is a duplicate of the game with an entirely new set of maps. It is, in effect, a mission expansion pack for the original game, though does not require the original disk in order to be played.

This version was released in March 1989 and was exclusively available through the FDS's Disk Writer service.

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