Anyone play this?

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It creeped me out like no other. I want to play it on an emulator or something, but I doubt it would work. I'm also way too lazy to go buy a Dreamcast.

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I love this game. I wish I'd gotten the sequel.

Just get a DC on ebay, they're pretty cheap. Could you play Seaman on an emulator without the special mic?

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T'was awesome, and still is. Seaman is the fucking shiz., the other night I had a little get together for Halloween and had the Dreamcast hooked up. The drug using partygoers bloody loved it!. I have never seen them so enthralled by something lol. There was also a strong danger element involved also, it was actually pretty scary, it felt like Russian roulette at times. One minute I was cracking up with laughter and the next worrying if my TV was going to get smashed in lol.

I doubt a emulator would allow you to play this, you should ask on any Emu forum though as I could be wrong.

I bought a new mic recently

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