lil_cheeks's Seaman (w/ Microphone) (Dreamcast) review

Strange.....but keeps you interested

Seaman is one game you will never forget.  It came with a microphone (which back then was very rare) and was never really your standard video game on the Dreamcast.  Of course i thought i better buy it so i did. 
The basics of the game is you start an aquarium with several tadpole looking creatures.  Over time 1 becomes dominate and you are left with just one.  You must feed this creature (which you do name) and also pay attention to it.  Over time it grows legs and needs to breath air.  It ends of talking to you which you get to answer questions using the mic.  The mic works pretty well for its time but does take some getting used to.   
The graphics are nothing special as there are not a lot of colors or special effects.  The controls are ok and are all done with a on screen pointer (similar to a mouse cursor).  The game does last a while and makes you continue to check in everyday to see what your creature has evolved into.   
Seaman is an interesting game that does keep your attention.  There is no replay value but if you find this game for $10 or under at a used game shop i would recommend at least checking it out.  


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